Sunday, 24 October 2010

Thank you!

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone from Globo who made this project possible. "Acampamento de Ferias" was my first experience acting and I absolutely loved every moment. I learnt a lot and definitely tried to internalize every aspect of acting I could possibly find. Music will always be my passion but I realized that acting was also something I felt very strongly about. Its so great to be given the responsibility of representing another "person's" life, idiosyncrasies, pet peeves, fears.. everything and try to do it naturally and with ease! At first it was unfamiliar and awkward - with the first "ACTION"! (I stopped for like 2 seconds, thinking... umm what does "she" say now!" ahah) But by the third scene I was ready for the "Action", the "Cut" and the "Next Scene".... It was amazing guys!! 

Im so excited to get all of your opinions about the series and my character! The series will be airing in January on GLOBO.. However, if you do not have access to it, don't worry, Im pretty sure it will be uploaded onto youtube shortly after!

So to sum up! Thank you Brasil, to all the production team, the Director Marquinhos for believing in me, the makeup and hair team for having the patience to try and make me presentable for the camera's everyday ahah.. Basically everybody that took part.. thank you and you will always be special to me for being a part of something that will always be very dear to me :)

And last but not least... Thank you to my FANS!!! for always believing, supporting and loving me after all this time.. There is no one I love more then you guys..





Yusuf Zine said...

I know I don't speak Portuguese, but I am SO stoked to watch it! Isn't it just crazy!? Your gonna be on a TV show! Insane!

Congrats Mia, I'm sooooooo amazingly happy for you! Your brilliant at everything you do!

Good to have you back! :)

Anonymous said...

ola! adoro as tuas musicas,sao lindas!

Júlia said...

Fiquei muito feliz por saber que você estará no programa! Vou assistir com certeza! Você é a melhor cantora do mundo! LOVE YOU

Imelidiane said...

Sou brasileira, me chamo Imelidiane e vi uns vídeos teus no you tube.. aí virei tua fã.
bem... só agora é que vi que uma música tua fez parte da trilha sonora de uma novela brasileira e que você fez parte de uma minissérie brasileira.
gostei muito das tuas músicas, tuas e da Ana Free..
Um Beijo..

Anonymous said...

"there is no one I love more than you guys.." ... a little over the top?

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