Tuesday, 12 October 2010

"No one said it would be easy, They just promised it would be worth it!"

Do you remember the Rabbit in "Alice in Wonderland?", yep Ladies and Gentlemen, that rabbit has become the 21st Century's WOMAN!!

Is it just me or do we never seem to have time for anything? I mean think about it, women today (I say today because I'm sure back in the different ages, a lot of things where deemed futile as "malls" weren't around every corner and money was probably saved for things like paper, animals for the farms, food etc..) So women today just don't have time to balance their desires, needs and obligations into one day, month or even a year!!

Before I go any further please remember this is a one girls opinion and if my generalisation doesn't include you, then congratulations, you're amazing! ahah 

So to elaborate I'll start with "clothes". There are some women that were born without a care in the world for fashion and these could be called "lucky" because the amount of money they save on clothes could literally buy them a trip to Bali! 
Then there are the other batch of women that live for clothes, fashion and shopping bags! We're the hopelessly devoted to the fashion bug HOWEVER to some, unfortunately the old motto applies "If you "aint got the lolly, you aint got the dolly". 

Women have to be able to sustain their desires and only splurge when they can afford it! 

Women these days should be independent, which means that after a certain age (where daddy+s credit card can't pay anymore) we have to be self-sufficient. This is definitely a wake up call on its own! It's from this day forth that you start to weigh down the importance and dire need of your many desires!

Men, (if you've stuck with us this far..) take a quick look at the things we have to deal with or afford  on a day to day basis: Makeup, Clothes, Shoes (yes its one on its own) bags, phones, ipods, books, hair-dresser, waxing, manicures, pedicures, boyfriend/husband, pregnancy, children, PMS, work, travelling, hobbies, gym creativity/inspiration (for some) I mean the list goes on and on... 

Anyways, to cut the story short, or I'll never stop -> Women this day and age are my heroes and I think we all deserve a round of applause if you've been able to juggle about all of these different aspects that truely define us as WOMEN. However... Even after ALL of these issues and possible "drama's" deriving from these things, I've still got to say, with all my heart:





Ed said...

So women today just don't have time to balance their desires, needs and obligations into one day, month or even a year!!

I like how you start with desires and end with obligations. ;)

That you Love the WOMAN that you are is the greatest gift you can give those that Love You. <3

Ingvild said...

Ah, you are so, so right Mia. It can be hard being a woman (well I'm only 15, 16 soon, so idk if "woman" is the right term)sometimes. But oh how wonderful it can be. I mean its so much fun playing around with make up and doing our nails :) Poor men, they (usually) dont to that. Great blog, Mia! :D

dorii said...

I love clothes and girls' stuffs but i dont overdo shopping because of the girls who wear brand new clothes everyday in school while a lot of girls cant even buy new shoes for the winter if their last shoes are out of fashion and thats sad!But i dont think its a problem if you like new trends and fashionable clothes if you have limits..btw a i really dont like if a man dresses according to fashion they have to be casual do you agree?:D

Willyan Luemi said...

Excuse me Mia, to speak in portuguese:

Fico muito, muito feliz de verdade, de ver alguem que é referência para tantas moças, dar um exemplo destes.
Geralmente o que se imagina de alguem que conquista fama, é que ela vá viver de uma maneira superficial e egocêntrica, supervalorizando o dinheiro, mas você está fazendo justamente o contrário, valorizando o que existe por dentro da mulher, e não fora dela. Em um tempo como o nosso, em que vemos as pessoas priorizando a compra de roupas de estilistas famosos à compra de coisas básicas para a própria existencia, a sua mensagem é de extrema importancia!

Meus mais sinceros parabéns!

Eddy said...

Men have to deal with Clothes, Shoes, phones, ipods, books, barbers, girlfriend/wife, pregnant girlfriend/wife, children, Girlfriend/wife with PMS, work, travelling, hobbies, gym creativity/inspiration. I love that I am a MAN!

Anonymous said...

Haha I love eddy's comment I think it goes both ways but us women do have it touch at times...nut at the end of the day it's all worth it......

Yusuf Zine said...

I completely agree. There is no comparison between men and women. Yes, we men do have certain things and needs that we must fulfill. But women have a lot more responsibilty. What you said Mia is totally true, and a lot of my female friends would agree with you. You are all so strong and motivated!

Let's here it for the WOMEN! Without them, we men wouldn't be here! :)

Edvando Junior said...

Oi Mia, td bem?
Desde q vi vc cantando no youtube um cover da música "Bubbly" fiquei admirado e continuei acompanhando sua evolução como cantora. Tua música q eu mais gosto é "Será", mto lindaaa!
Sempre tentei entrar em contato com vc mas nunca consegui, sei q vc é uma garota mto ocupada. Que Deus te abençoe e guie seus passos. Bjsss do seu fã brasileiro!

Edvando Junior (edvandojr@gmail.com)
http://ativarsentidos.blogspot.com/ (leia meu blog)

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